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[Info] Saga FlyFF Quick Server Information Empty [Info] Saga FlyFF Quick Server Information

Post by Azria on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:13 pm

Good Day Players!

Are you a newbie? New to the server? Read the article below to understand the features of Saga FlyFF in-game!

Saga FlyFF offers tons of new systems for players all over the world. The rates are as follows: Exp: 5,000 | Drop: 2,5000 | Penya: 3,500.

Here are some of the server information that you should know!
• Teleportation System [V]
• Auto Job Change
• Pet Filter System [Toggle Buff Pet Status]
• Red Chip Shop [Flaris]
• Perin Shop [Saint Morning]
• Perin Converter [Inventory]
• V18 Dungeons
• Red Chip Private Shop
•Dark Traseia [High Penya Drop]
• Azria [High Penya Drop]
• Glow Changer

And introducing the WORLD BOSSES that drops Boxes of Red Chip Bags and Red Chip Bags!
There are a lot more in-game that you need see for yourself! So come and play with us now!


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