[TRICKS] To start Saga FlyFF FASTER !!

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[TRICKS] To start Saga FlyFF FASTER !!

Post by istratOr on Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:05 am

Hi Saga FlyFFers !! GM istratOr is here. Are you guys tired of waiting the patcher to show the "START" button? Well, here's a solution for you.

First Step: Go to your Saga FlyFF Directory(folder). Find "Neuz.exe"(has an iTak icon). Copy it.

Second Step: Paste it as "Shortcut" on your desktop.

Third Step: Right-click it then "Properties".

Fourth Step: On Target Box, type "godisgood .Flyff.exe |" beside Neuz.exe. Click APPLY then OK.

Fifth Step: Open it.

Sixth Step: Now it works. Log in your account to test it.

Seventh Step: Enjoy!

Come and play with us!
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