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New Fresh Collosseum! Empty New Fresh Collosseum!

Post by RockyBeef8 on Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:39 pm

Hello All!

I suggest make collo extreme hard with old and new bosses with random hp from easy to extreme hard once and fresh it out with new drops.

The last hardest boss might can drop Premium item of some kind with extreme low change might 0,05% ,maybe

Premium cloak 0,001%
PVE Scroll 0,002%
Jewls part Premium 0,001%
Mask 0,03%
Pet egg lb+3 0,001%
Runes (diffrent types) 0,005%
Dark Trasia ticket x2 5%
Scroll of acquisition (High) x amount (more likely to drop) 10%
Scroll of Amplification SU x amount (more likely to drop) 10%
Flask`s of all kind 10% drop x5 ea
Rematis HP food x50 50% (more likely to drop)

and its timer ticking down and x people have only an small amount of time to kill it, example if it takes 5min its higher chance to get an better item and more time it goes it lose the opportunity to get something better.

and "the numbers %" is just an idea ,and Mahatma/Jandy can calculate and change the % but Its an idea etlest.



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